GCS for tactical UAS

Graphical user interface is entirely IN RUSSIAN.

Software is developed by Aerosystema, Ltd.


GCS is a rugged sealed case with PC, 2 monitors for service and video data display, UAV and payload controllers.


Running time from self-contained power supply is not less than 3 hours.


GCS dimensions when folded: 50x35x12 cm. GCS weight: 9,9 kg.

  • Flight mission preparation, its remote input in pilot navigation system of UAV and storage at data base to PC hard drive of GCS.

  • UAV flight control in automatic mode according to the prearranged flight mission with possibility of its operational correction (basic mode).

  • Display of basic modes and navigation data on GCS monitors.

  • In-flight display, processing and record of transmitted video data.

  • Direct flight control by means of GCS controllers (back-up mode).

  • Video data storage received from payload to PC hard drive of GCS.

  • Objective control of UAV equipment operation and operator actions, record and archiving of flight parameters.

  • backpack for UAS transportation (optional) – 2 pcs.

  • rugged pad with special equipped installed -1 pcs

  • radio technical equipment for telemetric data receive/transmit and video signal reception (optional) – 1 set;

  • antenna-mast system (optional) – 1 set;

  • battery pack – 1 pcs.,

  • cable-feeder system -1 set.

  • GCS weight – 9,9 kg.