HR management

Our company unites the best aircraft designers of the Republic of Belarus having aviation education and experience in carrying out research work and R&D work. Many of our specialists have degrees in technical sciences, some specialists have patents for inventions and multiple works.



What we appreciate in our specialists?


  • Orientation at command result;

  • Perfectionism;

  • Constant pursuit of perfection and enhancing the efficiency;

  • Leadership and creativity in task solving;

  • Desire and eagerness to learn new things;

  • Critical self-estimation of their competence and results, constant self-improvement;

  • Work discipline;

  • Optimism and cheerfulness;

  • Priority of command aims in respect of private interests;

  • Mutual perfectionism to get command result.


Aerosystema, Ltd. follows corporate standards in HR management. HR management is based on the following principles:


  • The specialist of the company is its value;

  • We treat each specialist with respect irrespectively of their position and status,

  • We appreciate professionalism, choose head of departments from our personnel, encourage professional and personal development;

  • The company respects individuality of each specialist, encourages leadership directing and stimulating creativity;

  • We wish that each specialist uses their skills to their fullest extent;

  • We wish to get the best result and value in our specialists this ability;

  • We guarantee fixed salary, paid days of disability, paid vacation;

  • We provide comfort work and leisure conditions, modern equipment, because we care about working and leisure conditions of our staff.