Pilot navigation systems and functionally related UAV systems

Pilot navigation system and functionally related UAV systems


Aerosystema, Ltd. specializes on development and production of on-board radio electronic and aircraft equipment for UAVs.


Development of all systems is carried out in accordance with aviation regulatory structure and main state standards.

All chief project designers have higher aviation education, 5 of them have PhD in Technical sciences degree.

In all systems developed by our company we apply the software of our make, unique integration, detector processing and automatic control algorithms.


While hardware solution development we make safety requirements, jam resistance, EMC, etc. a priority.


Systems developed by Aerosystema, Ltd.:

  • Platformless inertial systems;

  • Air data systems;

  • Angle of attack detecting system;

  • Automatic control systems;

  • Power supply systems;

  • Integrated systems of power plant control;

  • Fuel-flow measuring systems;

  • Live monitoring and recording systems;

  • Flight data processing systems and other on-board systems for UAVs of classic configuration, “flying wing”, gliders, UAVs of helicopter type and multirotors.