PNS "Lozman" (BK2) for small UASs

PNS Lozman (product code BK2) is designed to operate at small UAVs up to 20 kg.

Main specifications

Weight – 110 g.

Dimensions (without cable connector) - 40x35x125 mm

Voltage supply – 10-18 V

Power consumption – 1,4W

Number of supported servos – up to 4 "PWM, 6 binar, 8 RS-485.

Internal platformless stand-by INS connection – YES

UAV attitude reference accuracy:

  • Bank angle – 0.5 deg. in the range – 180 +180 deg.

  • Pitch angle – 0.5 deg. in the range -90..+90 deg.

  • Course angle – 0.5 deg. in the range 0..+360 deg.


Magnetic course – 1.0 deg. in the range of bank/pitch angles -25..+25 deg.

UAV location accuracy with correction (standard deviation) correction – 2,5 m

Automatic control system

Interface types for servo control – PWM, RS-485/422/232

Number of waypoints – min 100

Standard maneuvers – YES

Automatic return based on several factors – YES

Glide path generation - YES

Distinctive features:
  • Factory calibration of instrumentation channels at certified equipment.

  • Measurement and registration of powerplant parameters (voltage at battery pack, current, engine speed, battery capacity).

  • Determination, transfer and registration of atmosphere parameters (wind power and direction, atmosphere relative humidity and temperature).

  • Inner correction sources usage (stand-by platformless INS)

  • Function of in-built control and extended diagnostics of instrumentation channels

  • Automatic determination of orientation angles of PNS module relatively UAV construction lines.

Requirements to installation:

Orthogonality regarding to UAV bound coordinate system – not obligatory

Installation at UAV – installed at elements of load-bearing structure without dampers.

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