Электронное оборудование летательных аппаратов

Production and laboratories

Aerosystema Ltd. is based in its own office-production building with total area of 775 m2, and leases production areas in Minsk industrial park. These areas are used for comfort location of design bureau, assembly works, adjustment and rig tests of products under development.

Production areas are provided with power supply max 50kVA, stabilized power 220V with glitch filtration to provide work of precision instrument and equipment, individual grounding of work places. There’s anechoic room for carrying out antenna tests, shielded room for testing equipment for EMC.

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Working places are provided with modern laboratory furniture, combined extract and input ventilation, instruments, control optical equipment. Office is equipped with local network with Intel Xeon and Supermicro servers and workstation, separate server room.


Laboratories are equipped with test and control equipment to provide all development stages – nonlinear vector network analyzer Keysight max 26 GHz, spectral analyzer Keysight max 26 GHz, two-channel microwave signal oscillator max 26 GHz, microwave signal oscillator HP max 3 GHz (frequency step 1 Hz), 4-channel oscilloscope Keysight 1 GHz range, 4-channel and 2-channel oscilloscopes with circuit analyzer 200-500 MHz range, laboratory HPU GPS-73303, soldering stations Ersa.


For each product developed by our company separate test and engineering rigs are produced.

Production arears are equipped with 3-axis CNC mill, 2 turners, 3D printer, 3D mill, pneumatic equipment, vacuum equipment for composite materials production, bench tools, measuring tools, production and self-made tools.