Quality management

Aerosystema, Ltd. is one of the companies in the Republic of Belarus capable of developing highly reliable, high-tech, innovative aircraft equipment. The main purpose of each company developing, producing and operating aircraft equipment is flight safety provision.


Accordingly, Aerosystema Ltd. being developer and producer of the components of the aircraft equipment and UACs puts aircraft equipment safety first, as it’s an integral part of flight safety provision.


Production potential and human resources allow the company to follow its main course aimed at development of competitive, reliable, high quality products meeting the requirements of the clients.


Aircraft equipment safety produced by Aerosystema Ltd. is provided by:


  • strict conformity of the products under development with airworthiness standards stated in part 23 of Aviation Safety Regulations of Interstate Aviation Committee: “Airworthiness standards of civil light-weight aircrafts”;

  • obligatory conformity with National State Standard (further NSS) 27.002-89, Standards of the Republic of Belarus (further STB) В 15.201-2006, STB В 15.202-2006, STB В 15.208-2008 at the stage of aircraft equipment design and development, NSS 16504-81, STB В 15.210-2007, STB В 15.211-2007 at the stage of its testing and STB В 15.301-2007 at the stage of its launching into manufacture;

  • obligatory development in accordance with NSS В15.206-84 Program of safety provision while carrying out R&D project on aircraft equipment development;

  • application of the software produced by Aerosystema, Ltd., excluding possibility of hidden malicious logic; application of highly reliable element base and reasonable protection of essential components of the aircraft system; development of operation system and service record in accordance with the requirements of aircraft NSS 18675, NSS 27692, NSS 276934;

  • application in construction of the products under development detailed software and hardware in-built monitoring, and configuration self-adapting system excluding faulty components from operation;

  • application at aircraft equipment of advanced system of objective control together with ground system of flight data processing “Dvina-M” being in service in The Republic of Belarus and many other countries and allowing to detect at early stages processes leading to display of dangerous factors during the flight;

  • detailed supervision of our products in accordance with STB В 15.305-2008, development and implementation of corrective actions providing stable operation and required safety level.

For efficient operation of Quality Management, the following measures are taken:

  • Increase of the company activity effectiveness, its compatibility, taking into account clients’, share-holders’, staff interests.

  • Systematic analyses of current and perspective requirements and expectations of the clients and their satisfaction with our products and services.

  • Implementation, fulfillment of the requirements and constant improvement of management system effectiveness on the basis of STB ISO 9001-2009 and international standard EN 9100-2009.

  • Regular training and increase of staff competency level.

  • New production technologies development and perfection of the existing ones.

  • Development of material and technical base of the company – new production start-up and its provision with new equipment.

  • Building-up mutually beneficial relationship with suppliers based on trust and partnership.



The company doesn’t make it a point to create a greater variety of products at a short period of time by applying ready-made solutions with non-proved safety parameters, we value our clients, their business and the aims they want to achieve through application of our products, that’s why each product developed by Aerosystema, Ltd. goes through all stages of development process from the stage of problem description to development of working construction documentation with letter O1 (O2, A, B)