Aerosystema, Ltd. provides warranty and post-warranty service to its Clients, repair works in the shortest time possible, timely software update, supply of spare parts within specified time in service of the product.



We value our Clients and are ready to:


  1. Arrange demonstration of the capabilities of our products by our specialists at your territory;

  2. Develop the product that meets your individual requirements.

  3. Give our products for use for free, so that you can test them and make sure that stated specifications are correct.

  4. Refine the product if the specifications of our products don’t meet your requirements.


Aerosystema, Ltd. can offer its Clients introductory courses for UAV operators (2 - 4 weeks) to learn construction, rules of service and operation of our UASs.


The program of the courses is developed by our specialists that can be adapted to individual requirements of the Client, and consists of two parts: theory and practical training. Theoretical part is taught by qualified specialists having higher aviation education. The practical part of training includes day and night flights, field training, carrying out minor repairs in the field.