Tactical unmanned aircraft system


In description proved below general specifications of the UAS Albatros are provided.

Specifications of the concrete modification can vary from the given below and can be changed due to the end user requirements.

UAS of terrain (water) surface monitoring is designed for discreet long-term remote monitoring of mobile and immovable objects in real-time mode, detection of the objects and their location, transmission of the received data to the UAV operator. 


* - depends on the modification

UAS consists of:

Ground control station (on the basis of vehicle) - 1 pcs.
UAV with payload -2 pcs.
Catapult - 1 pcs.

Means of ground support  -1 pcs.
Service record  - 1 set.
KIT  - 2 pcs.

Solved tasks:

  • Monitoring of chosen terrain in real-time mode, search and detection of moveable and immovable objects in its area with their location and automatic (semi-automatic) tracking.

  • Cargo delivery at specified region (object location) up to 1,5 kg.

  • Distant ecological monitoring of environment changes under influence of natural and human-made factors (detection of illegal places of building, human and industrial waste; detection of invading wild-growing flora and monitoring its population)

  • Distant monitoring of protected areas and observation of terms of use by visitors. 

  • Carrying out area air photography for gathering cartographic or cadastral data.

  • Monitoring of extended objects (traffic routes, oil, gas, heat and power lines) in normal conditions and in emergency.

  • Agricultural needs (electronic maps of fields, farmlands catalogues, on-line monitoring of crops (seedlings maps); tracking standard growing index, seedlings analyses, crop yield forecast, analyses of chemical content of soil).

  • Prediction and elimination of human-made and natural emergencies (aerial surveillance in order to predict emergencies, search, detection and evaluation of emergency scale).

  • Emergency search and rescue works.