Speaking about payload we can’t but mention that payload is equipment, systems and complexes installed at flying machine to solve UAS tasks, it doesn’t refer to aircraft systems, communication systems, pilotage and navigation. For example, solving such tasks as surveillance, surface monitoring, radiation measurements, magnetic field measurements, radio electronic emission, etc.

UAS can be applied in various spheres; such variety leads to great variety of payloads not to mention variety of them within the same type.

Requirements to payload specifications are determined by various tasks and requirements of the UAS user.


At present time in most cases we use payloads of another manufacturers that fully meet the requirements of the Client.


Constant and productive communication with the Client gives us the opportunity to specify individual payload design, make specifications of the payload meet requirements of the Client.

In such cases, we either fully develop payload for concrete user or place an order for its customized development and production at specialized companies.

Among UAS developers and air-minded Clients aware of the UAS application it’s not typical to discuss common questions on payload specifications, specification of requirements to the payload usually presupposes hard and substantive mutual work.

For Clients who prefer standard video and photo data parameters we offer gyrostabilized platforms using video modules Sony, Tamron, Basler and IR modules GUIDE.