Unmanned aerial systems (UASs)

Development of UAS and its systems in our company starts with definition of client’s requirements to the required data content and quality about the object under observation or methods and degree of influence on the object.

Thus, we get requirements to UAS payload, its design, its interaction with operator and environment, etc. Only when we get detailed information on the tasks that the UAS is going to solve, we make up our mind on future UAS design and prepare specification for development of new UAS or modernization of stock UAS.

Sometimes just insignificant modernization of stock UASs is required, t.i. replacement of contents or payload, software upgrade.


Priority in UAS development in respect of UAV is given to the quality of aircraft engineering. This task is solved through application of aircraft approaches in design with the use of highly reliable element base, reservation of essential systems and units, verified software and extensive system of quality control. Each UAV development requires development of system of periodic and scheduled tasks in service.

All UASs produced by Aerosystema, Ltd. are highly reliable products developed meeting the requirements of aviation regulations, standards and laws.

In the design of UAV and its systems model-oriented approach and design methods presupposing carrying out tests throughout the design process are applied.

UAS design, electronic systems, software development is performed by Aerosystema, Ltd. (Republic of Belarus) team.