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Tactical unmanned aircraft system (UAS) of small range


UAS of terrain (water) surface monitoring is designed for discreet remote monitoring of mobile and immovable objects in real-time mode, detection of the objects and their location, transmission of the received data to the UAV operator. 



  • Remote surveillance of the area specified by the UAV operator, mobile and immovable objects; aircraft reconnaissance of the disaster areas, forest area loiter, detection of the fire and floods areas;

  • Monitoring of extended objects (traffic routes, oil, gas and heat pipelines, power lines) in normal conditions and in case of emergency;

  • Automatic search of the injured, ship and aircraft crews that suffered a disaster, detection of their location;

  • Photo and video data transfer to the ground control station (GCS) in real-time mode, data processing and making reports;

  • Assessment of the fire hazard, ecological monitoring of the water surface.

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